Piggydb V6.18 – All/Any Switch for Tag Search and Related Fragments

This release adds yet another update to the search feature by adding an All/Any switch to the tag search:


In the previous versions, searching by tags results in the fragments tagged with ‘all’ of the specified tags. From this version, you can switch between ‘all’ and ‘any’. ‘Any’ displays the fragments tagged with ‘any’ of the specified tags.

The ‘Any’ tag search produces another feature called “related fragments”. In the fragment page, the list view displays all the fragments tagged with any of the tags of the focused fragment:


You can download the latest version from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/piggydb/files/latest/download

Get Supporters Edition at CeBIT!

We decided to give all of CeBIT talk attendees free copies of the Piggydb Supporters Edition which provides premium features in addition to the standard features.

We hope you’ll come to Piggydb’s talk in Hanover next week!



Piggydb at CeBIT 2014 in Hanover

“Grow Your Knowledge with Piggydb” by Dmitri Popov
– 10 Mar. 2014, 01:00 PM – 01:45 PM

Don’t miss it if you will be at CeBIT! It’s a very rare opportunity to hear about Piggydb.


Piggydb V6.17 – Incremental Search by Tag and MathJax Support

Firstly, this release extends the fragment incremental search to support tags in addition to keywords. You can add tags for the list to include or exclude the fragments with the specified tags as follows:


The list will be automatically refreshed as you edit the criteria (keywords, tags). This incremental search is going to replace the filter feature which will be removed in coming versions.

Secondly, the release adds MathJax support that allows you to embed mathematics notation by writing LaTeX expressions in the content:



And lastly, the global search box has been cleaned up a little bit, removing the redundant buttons.


You can download the latest version from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/piggydb/files/latest/download

Piggydb Use Case: Relationships(Links) for Quick Reference

Piggydb user David Shrader kindly shared his experience of using Piggydb for his study. He utilizes piggydb’s relationships(links) to allow him to quickly access basic information to learn via Fragment Quick View.


I was in class training to earn my Oracle OCA certification, and I was having a lot of trouble studying for the 1z0-151. I had my notes in a notebook, and I found that if I read over the “key facts” I was reading a lot more than necessary about certain elements, and not enough about others. I passed my test, but only by 4 points.

Fast forward to studying for my 1z0-152, and I knew that I had to do something different to learn the material. In addition to staying up many late nights studying, I also began using piggydb to take notes and link pieces of knowledge together. The most beneficial thing for me was being able to create links (example syntax [fragment:99 BASIC INFO]) to knowledge fragments, allowing me to hover over the links to glance at information I already knew, and if I realized I didn’t understand something well enough I was able to open the link and read over the entire concept in depth. This may not sound very helpful, but for my learning style it was perfect. I was able to include charts and tables in the fragments for each key term, and I wasn’t forced to have them in the same (illogical) order as the books. I displayed storage charts from the largest to smallest element, etc. Then I was able to link the knowledge fragments together when they were related, which also helped cement the information in my mind.

So what was the final outcome you might ask? I scored a 93 on the 1z0-152. My instructor was shocked. Just for the sake of comparison, I scored a 64 on the first exam. That’s a 29% improvement thanks to piggydb, lol.


Thanks, David!

Piggydb V6.16 – Fragment Quick View

Piggydb has provided you with ways to easily navigate through a knowledge-fragment network, for example, the tree and list views. This release adds another alternative to these navigation features: Fragment Quick View.

It allows you to move through a network, fragment by fragment, more lightly.

Mouse hovering over a link to a fragment for a second brings up a pop-up view for the fragment:


In the pop-up view, you can move to another fragment via links (the parents, children or links in the fragment content):



You can download the latest version from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/piggydb/files/latest/download

Piggydb V6.15 – Tag Icons for Each Type of Tags

This release changes the tag icons to have different colors according to the types of tags:

System Tag (starting with ‘#’ and used for management purposes):


Plain Tag:


Tag Fragment:


This update would be important more than you think, because tag-fragments are the most important parts of Piggydb database and the new version allows you to easily recognize your tag-fragments from the others.


You can download the latest version from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/piggydb/files/latest/download


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