Getting Started

To run Piggydb, you need to have Java Runtime Environment (Version 6(1.6) or later).

Standalone Package (for GUI Environment)

Standalone Package allows you to use Piggydb as if it is a standalone desktop application. This package can run on any OS as long as Java and the system tray are available.
  • The system trayis referred to as:
    • Taskbar Status Area” on Windows
    • Menu Extras” on Mac OS X
    • Notification Area” on Gnome
    • System Tray” on KDE
  1. Download the latest version of Standalone Package (piggydb-standalone-<version>.zip)
  2. Unzip the distribution
  3. Double-click piggydb.exe (Windows) or piggydb-standalone.jar (other operating systems)
    • When the Piggydb server is started up, the Piggydb icon will be displayed in the system tray and the home page will be opened in your default browser automatically.
  4. Login with the owner account (User Name: owner, Password: owner).
    • You should change owner’s password immediately after the first login (Menu [System/Change Password]).
The Piggydb icon is displayed in the system tray while the server is running, and you can control the server with the right-click menu of this icon.

All-in-One Package (for Server Environment)

  1. Download the latest version of All-in-One Package (piggydb-all-in-one-<version>.zip)
  2. Unzip the distribution
  3. Double-click run.bat (Windows), or run (Unix, Linux, Mac OS X)
  4. Start up a browser and go to http://localhost:8080
  5. Login with the owner account (User Name: owner, Password: owner).
    • You should change owner’s password immediately after the first login (Menu [System/Change Password]).

War Package (for Servlet Containers)

If you already have a servlet container, such as Tomcat, then you can download a War Package (*.war).

28 Comments on “Getting Started”

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  2. Is it possible to run Piggdb on a Chromebook? Because that would rock.

    • I don’t know much about Chromebook. I guess it would not be possible to install Piggydb on it. Probably, you need to install Piggydb on a web server and access it from your Chromebook.

      • peterkloppenburg says:

        That’s my conclusion also. Which is a shame, but that’s Chrome’s shortcoming, not Piggydb’s. By the way, I love this program, it is just exactly what I was looking for to help apply some heuristics I’ve developed but also explore ideas in a free-form way. It is brilliant! Thank you very much for sharing this with the world. Also you blog posts are excellent, very thought-provoking.

      • Thank you! I’m really glad you enjoy it.

  3. peterkloppenburg says:

    Is it possible to run Piggydb on a Chromebook?

  4. Unni Krishnan says:

    Is there a way to import existing notes into Piggydb? I have lots of notes accumulated over the years. I would like to leverage this knowledge base with the capabilities of Piggydb.

  5. LooksGood says:

    Is this a DB? A DBM or how is data kept for access by the client app? Is there a pictoral somewhere of how the pieces are to be used?

  6. kewapo says:

    I saw in many examples a calendar, but I have downloaded the 6.15 version and I can’t find it!!

  7. SEBBA says:

    How to install it in a dedicated server to be able to access my piggydb from the internet?

  8. Seba says:

    Hello again, and happy birthday! I’m not finding info about these options:



    Maybe you should explain them in please?

  9. Seba says:

    Hi my friend, just to inform you of a little problem I’m having. I treat piggydb as a normal program, leaving it open always in a browser tab. The problem is almost everytime I want to edit or add a note, it tells me that my sesion expired. Is there a workaround to not expire sessions?

    • Did you check the “Remember me” checkbox when you logged in?

      • Seba says:

        Yes, at first I always checked the “Remember me” checkbox, even tested it in Chrome and Firefox, but even with that it seems that after some hours I get logged out. It is something bad with my setup?

      • Seba says:

        I mean, I definitively get logged out after some minutes even when checkbox is marked (tried many times). I always want to have piggydb opened, so it would be great if I can be logged in always. Thanks for your hard work, if you need any help from my services just contact me, in my website are details of what I do.

      • I guess it would be your browser settings to cause the problem. Have you changed the settings related to cookies? And which package do you use? The standalone package?

      • Seba says:

        Okay, now it seems to work in another browser. Thanks! I have some addons in Firefox, I would recommend other users who have this problem to try in a vanilla browser, with addons disabled.

  10. Seba says:

    Another suggestion: we the users think our notes are extremely important and would not want to lose it. Previously I was using Zim Wiki, which saves the notes in .txt format, which is safer, for backup, than a database. In the future you could consider having a backup feature which saves all our notes to .txt or a feature to leave us peaceful about our notes.

    • You think the current export feature is insufficient? An exported file (*.pig) is a zip file which contains your data as text.

      • Seba says:

        Great, I think this is sufficient!

      • Netsaver says:

        what about ‘opening’ a bit the export functionality?
        I agree the zip, agree the separated ‘files’ folder, anyway with a huge database the main xml would be difficult to manage for further processing, presentation, etc.
        Why not to leave all the ‘structure’ in one xml file and move all CDATA values in an other folders, with one file per fragment? The frag ID could replace CDATA in the original xml.
        Anyway (as it is) it’s OK for portability and db syncing.

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