Piggydb V6.8 – Improved Smart Layout

In version 6.4, I introduced Smart Layout, which automatically switches the page layout between vertical and horizontal layout according to the window width. However, this “experimental” implementation was, frankly, not very useful. So I updated it a little bit so that you can scroll each column independently:


I also updated some pages (fragment, tag, etc) to maintain the horizontal multi-column layout when you jump to another fragment or tag page from the home page.

In future versions, I hope to update the layout to be more flexible and customizable so that you can handle and browse a large amount of fragments more efficiently.


This release also contains several bug fixes, such as broken all-in-one package: http://piggydb.lighthouseapp.com/projects/61149-piggydb/tickets/42 (Thanks, Xin Yin!)


You can download the latest release of Piggydb from here.