Piggydb V4.23 released

This release updates Tag Palette to have multiple views: “tree” and “flat”.

The left is old “tree” view, which allows you to find tags through the tag hierarchy, and the right is new “flat” view showing all the tags in a flat list. This feature was inspired by the feature request. Thanks to Jerome.

When tagging, out of sight means out of mind. Thus tags that are not at top level on the Tag Palette will tend to be underutilized.


The Quick Edit feature, which was added in the previous version 4.22, was extended so that it can be used via the edit button (pencil icon) on the fragment toolbar. Which means, you can quickly edit fragments that have contents hidden or no contents.


The Fragments View slider was updated to have a new variation of fragments display as below:


Piggydb V4.22 released

This release adds Quick Edit for contents of knowledge fragments, which allows you to edit fragment contents on the spot.

Double-clicking on a content area turns it into an editor:

Piggydb Documents updated

Description of Spacial Tags has been added to Piggydb Documents.

Piggydb is (intended to be) designed in such a way that it can be used without reading a manual. But since it is still an immature project, there are some features you may not know without instruction. Spacial Tags would be one of these features.

Spacial Tags – http://piggydb.jp/en/fragment.htm?id=52