Knowledge Network Graph Visualization

From time to time I received requests for MindMap or ConceptMap like graph visualization (nodes and edges style) in Piggydb or Oinker. But I thought there were things to consider in order to implement it since the models in both applications were document-oriented as I explained in an Oinker Blog entry.

Recently I came up with an idea and implemented it in Oinker as below:

The problem of displaying document-oriented data in a graph view is that a document tends to contain many large nodes which are not suitable for bird’s eye overview. So we should deal with these nodes somehow to avoid the verbosity of being precise. The idea I came up with is a way to select nodes for a graph. I call these selected nodes “topic nodes“.

Currently a topic node is:

  • a node whose content has only one word or sentence.
  • a node whose content length is shorter than or equal to 30.
  • a node whose content is not Markdown
  • a node whose content is not a URL
  • a node whose content is not a file

You can check out an example of how topic nodes work in Oinker’s graph view at:

This feature is still experimental and waiting for your feedback.

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