Piggydb V4.0 released

This release adds multi-user support, which is built into the piggydb’s semantics seamlessly. You can create users just by creating fragments titled “username” and tagged with “#user“. It allows you to manage the users in exactly the same way as knowledge fragments, classifying with tags, connecting to other fragments, and so on.


Multi-user version coming soon

If you want to try out a multi-user demo, please mail (daisuke.marubinotto (at) gmail.com) or tweet (http://twitter.com/marubinotto) me. I would be delighted to create an account for you.

Hello world!

This blog is to publish the official release and news about Piggydb.

Piggydb: https://piggydb.net/

Piggydb is a Web notebook application that provides users with a platform to build their knowledge personally or collaboratively.

If you are interested in the history of Piggydb before, see http://marubinotto.blogspot.com/