Piggydb V4.9 released

This release updates the sub-fragments tree view.

The new view allows you to reorder sub-fragments with drag and drop as below,

and can be collapsed and expanded for unlimited depth.

The tag page was redesigned to be more simple and intuitive.



Piggydb V4.8 released

This release adds Chinese language support (translation).

The Chinese version of the site has been launched: https://piggydb.net/cn/

The wiki parser was updated to have a way to insert a line break and an image-labeled link.

  • Writing “~” at the end of a line inserts a line break.
  • an image-labeled link: [<url-to-link> <url-to-image>]

A new setting option, “piggydb.entity.changeableOnlyForCreator“, was added, which disables updating an entity for all users who have not created the entity. This option can be set via application.properties or Java System Properties.