Piggydb V4.17 released

This release extends the sidebar with two new sidebar widgets: “Tag Palette” and “Filter“.

The Tag Palette in the sidebar has the same features as the existing pull-down Tag Palette on the main menu bar, also supporting drag-and-drop tagging.

As a result of this addition, the sidebar now has all the basic quick accesses to fragments: “Bookmark”, “Filter”, “Tag Palette” and “Recently Viewed”.

Because of the increased number of sidebar widgets, a show/hide toggle button has been added to each widget to allow users to fold (“hide”) unnecessary widgets.

Download Piggydb V4.17 from https://piggydb.net/


Piggydb V4.16 released

This release adds a master content toggle button to the fragment page (fragment.htm), the button allows users to open/close sub-fragment content toggles collectively.

This release fixes the bug where when dragging a fragment in “reorder” mode other fragments would act, incorrectly, as drop targets.

Download Piggydb V4.16 from https://piggydb.net/