Piggydb V7.0 – Java 8 / New Page Header / Bug Fixes

Hi there,

It’s long time no see… actually, it’s almost two years since the last version (V6.18) was released.

After the long pause, Piggydb’s new version is finally here.


It doesn’t contain big changes except that the page header has been redesigned. Now it looks cooler than before (hopefully), and the title displayed in the header (“Piggydb Documents” in the screenshot) is the “Database Title” which you can change in the System Info page.

It also fixes a bug that it won’t work offline because of the reference to the hosted Mathjax library.

Lastly, Piggydb V7.0 requires Java 8. If you use one of the previous versions of Java, you need to upgrade it.

Download Piggydb V7.0

Enjoy 😉