Piggydb V6.0-dev8 – New Editor for Related Fragments

This release switches the form of a new related(child) fragment to use the new editor:

Before this version, only an image fragment has the type icon in its caption. This version adds a file icon to the captions of all file fragments and you can download the files via this icon:

The fragment editor itself has also been updated to have a shortcut to put a new line markup (“~”) when Shift+Enter keys are pressed.




Piggydb V6.0-dev7 – Full-fledged File Upload Dialog

As several users kindly pointed out, the new file upload dialog did not have the inputs for the title and tags as the old editor. This was partly in order to simplify the first implementation of the new file upload mechanism, and partly because I thought the title of a file fragment might be redundant. But, I have changed my mind based upon the feedback, and in this version 6.0-dev7, these missing parts have been added to the dialog:

Piggydb V6.0-dev6 – Quick File Embedding

This release adds a new “Embed a file” tool button to the fragment editor toolbar:

Clicking on the button opens a file dialog, which allows you to select a file to be embedded into the current caret position in the editor:

After the selected file is saved into the database, embedding markup will be inserted automatically as below:

You can preview the content with the embedded files: