Piggydb V6.0-dev7 – Full-fledged File Upload Dialog

As several users kindly pointed out, the new file upload dialog did not have the inputs for the title and tags as the old editor. This was partly in order to simplify the first implementation of the new file upload mechanism, and partly because I thought the title of a file fragment might be redundant. But, I have changed my mind based upon the feedback, and in this version 6.0-dev7, these missing parts have been added to the dialog:


One Comment on “Piggydb V6.0-dev7 – Full-fledged File Upload Dialog”

  1. Hans Peter says:

    Thanks for this update. This was just wat I needed to be able to move to the 6.x branch.

    I like to use the opportunity to suggest a feature request: I really like the 2-way linking dialog, but I really miss this functionality when linking to ‘selected items’. Being able to control the link direction between a visible item and the items in the little selection window would be really useful.

    Hans Peter.

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