Piggydb V6.15 Supporters Edition: Embed Ustream Videos

Finally, though it is a small one, I’ve added a new feature, which is exclusive to the Supporters Edition.

You can now embed Ustream videos into your knowledge fragments just by putting video URL like: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/38909163


With this as a starting point, I’m going to add further Wiki-formatting extensions in coming versions of Supporters Edition.

If you are new to the Piggydb Supporters Edition, please check out the articles in the ‘supporters’ directory: https://piggydb.net/category/supporters/

Click here to buy Piggydb Supporters Edition (Thank you for your support 😉 )


Piggydb V6.15 – Tag Icons for Each Type of Tags

This release changes the tag icons to have different colors according to the types of tags:

System Tag (starting with ‘#’ and used for management purposes):


Plain Tag:


Tag Fragment:


This update would be important more than you think, because tag-fragments are the most important parts of Piggydb database and the new version allows you to easily recognize your tag-fragments from the others.


You can download the latest version from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/piggydb/files/latest/download

Piggydb V6.14 – Expand Sub-fragments After Reading Content

Have you ever encountered a situation that you had read a long fragment and subsequently wanted to read its sub-fragments, but it was quite frustrating to scroll back to the fragment header to click on the tree toggle button?

This version fixes this problem by adding a button at the bottom of the content:


Clicking on this button expands the sub-fragments like the tree toggle button does:



This version also adds support for non-ascii file names when you upload files as file fragments.


You can download the latest release of Piggydb from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/piggydb/files/latest/download