Piggydb V4.22 released

This release adds Quick Edit for contents of knowledge fragments, which allows you to edit fragment contents on the spot.

Double-clicking on a content area turns it into an editor:


5 Comments on “Piggydb V4.22 released”

  1. Jerome J. Slote says:

    Absolutely terrific feature. Any chance we could get this same behavior via double-clicking on a fragment’s header area as well? Most displayed fragments have contents hidden, but we sometimes can see, from the headers, which ones need editing. Best and many thanks. JJS

    • Thanks, Jerome.

      >Any chance we could get this same behavior via double-clicking on a fragment’s header area as well?

      I’m going to extend the Quick Edit feature in future versions. In the next version 4.23, the current edit button (pencil icon) on the fragment toolbar will be updated to open a quick editor. You can quick edit fragments which have contents hidden or no contents.

      The Quick Edit feature will cover other attributes of a fragment such as title, tags in future versions.

  2. Jerome J. Slote says:

    !Like — JJS

  3. Hello Daisuke,

    Thanks for this upgrade, yet another useful addition to this awesome program.

    I’ve been looking for a program to handle my thousands of research items, notes, bookmarks, etc. and more importantly all the connections between them. I finally settled on PiggyDB (it’s pretty much superior in this area) and now using it very intesively every day I’m very impressed with both it’s capabilities and the underlying philosophy and data-model.

    I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming iterations of your development of this program.

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