Piggydb V6.1 – Cleaned up the Main Menu

This release cleans up the main menu bar. The menu items ‘Home’, ‘Filter’, ‘System’ have been removed from the menu bar. As a result of it, the menu bar has become a container for the tool buttons to create or find knowledge fragments.

The screenshot below is the old main menu:

and this is the new main menu:

(1) The ‘Home’ menu has been removed and the title banner took on the function of a link to the home page. Come to think of it, it is more conventional implementation in the first place.

(2) The ‘Filter/New Filter’ menu has been moved to the sidebar and implemented as a tool button.

(3) The ‘System’ menu items has been moved into the user menu.

(4) The Jump-to-tag button has been replaced with a more general ‘Jump’ button, which allows you to directly jump to a fragment by inputting its ID number in addition to the original function to jump to a tag by its name.


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