Piggydb V6.11 – Incremental Keyword Search in Fragments View

Hello. After a short period of pause, the development has been back on the track with a great new feature.

From this version 6.11, I’m going to add and improve a search feature in the fragments view.

The header label is the entrance to this new search capability:


Clicking on the label opens the search input box:


When you type keywords in the box, the view is automatically updated to show the fragments that match the keywords with highlighting:


If the view already has criteria to select fragments, such as a tag or filter, the keyword search will work as drill-down search:



The external links in the content of fragments are now marked with an icon:



The calendar feature at the home page, which has been since the first release of Piggydb, was removed in this version. Instead, I have a plan to add a more sophisticated feature in future versions.


You can download the latest release of Piggydb from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/piggydb/files/latest/download


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