Piggydb V6.18 – All/Any Switch for Tag Search and Related Fragments

This release adds yet another update to the search feature by adding an All/Any switch to the tag search:


In the previous versions, searching by tags results in the fragments tagged with ‘all’ of the specified tags. From this version, you can switch between ‘all’ and ‘any’. ‘Any’ displays the fragments tagged with ‘any’ of the specified tags.

The ‘Any’ tag search produces another feature called “related fragments”. In the fragment page, the list view displays all the fragments tagged with any of the tags of the focused fragment:


You can download the latest version from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/piggydb/files/latest/download


3 Comments on “Piggydb V6.18 – All/Any Switch for Tag Search and Related Fragments”

  1. JustAnotherGuy says:

    For anyone using a mouseless browser (dwb, luakit, vimperator, uzbl, etc.):
    I just created a pull request (https://github.com/marubinotto/Piggydb/pull/14) that enables toggling of tools for a fragment and the fragment criteria (where the All/Any buttons from the post above appear).

    If you are using the standalone (“Desktop”) version it is quite easy to modify a few lines in the files

    If you want to use the patch utility (hoping that the blog software will leave it well alone):

    diff a/webapp/macro/fragment-parts.vm b/webapp/macro/fragment-parts.vm
    --- a/webapp/macro/fragment-parts.vm
    +++ b/webapp/macro/fragment-parts.vm
    @@ -65,6 +65,8 @@
     #set ($fragmentHeadline = false)
     #set ($fragmentHeadline = $fragment.makeHeadline(20))
       #if ($fragmentHeadline)
    diff a/webapp/macro/fragments.vm b/webapp/macro/fragments.vm
    --- a/webapp/macro/fragments.vm
    +++ b/webapp/macro/fragments.vm
    @@ -35,7 +35,9 @@ jQuery(function() {
     	#if ($jsAddFragment)
  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your pull request!

    I’ll check it out later.

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