Piggydb and Oinker as a Content Publishing Platform

Hi there,

It’s been a while. These days I’m working on a web service “Oinker” off and on, squeezing time from busy days.

Recently, I’ve started pulling well-proven features from Piggydb and adding them to Oinker. One of them is a content publishing capability which is implemented as “Anonymous Access” in Piggydb (sample site).

Oinker’s publishing feature is more sophisticated than Piggydb. You can publish your content on a room basis. A room is like a chatroom in Oinker and it has a chat timeline and a board on which you create content with your roommates.

A room is composed of a timeline and a board

You can make a board open to public so that anonymous visitors can view the content, and additionally allow logged-in users who are non-members of the room to view the timeline and post messages to it. So you can not only publish your content, but also collect feedback from audience.


What kind of content can you create in Oinker? Just check out the sample content: Unknown Tokyo



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