Piggydb V4.12 released

This release merged the existing two sub-fragment views (detail/tree) into a new “tree” view.

Clicking the “Reorder” button enables a “reorder mode” in which you can reorder the sub-fragments (the direct children of the target fragment) with drag and drop.

The position of the fragment tags was moved from the bottom of the fragment content area to the fragment header as in the above screenshot.



2 Comments on “Piggydb V4.12 released”

  1. jpmmuc says:

    Thanks for this DB!
    I’m searching a free-form / knowledge-base database where you can put all things what you need day to day (infos, addresses, appointments, files, pictures, …).
    I installed it under FreeBSD 8 on my home server.

    Support for password protected entries for e.g. diary or passwords
    Easier creation of relations or embedding of other fragments not only with the number or with a drop-down /search filed where you can use e.g. titlename

    Thanks again and keep on going with this very good idea!!

    • marubinotto says:

      Hi jpmmuc, thank you for your comment and suggestions.

      We will improve the usability through continuous version-up, so please keep checking for new versions 😉

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