Piggydb V4.15 released

This release adds Drag-and-drop Tagging, which allows you to drag a tag from the Tag Palette and drop it onto a fragment.

Clicking the tag icon on the right side of the main menu bar shows the Tag Palette:

You can drag a tag from the palette:

And you can drop it onto a fragment:

Download Piggydb V4.15 from https://piggydb.net/


2 Comments on “Piggydb V4.15 released”

  1. Manuj says:

    Thanks for this wonderful feature!

    • marubinotto says:

      Hi Manuj,

      Thank you for your feedback, as always! And sorry for not responding to your suggestions yet. I’m thinking about adding a bookmarklet which allows you to clip text from any Web sites and save it as a fragment.

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