Piggydb V4.18 released

This release adds a ‘New Relationship’ icon (+→) to the fragment toolbar. Dragging this icon from one fragment and dropping it onto another creates a new relationship between the two fragments.

You can create a relationship easily using drag-and-drop as follows:

There is a New Relationship icon (+→) on the fragment toolbar.

Drag this icon,

and drop it onto another fragment.

A new relationship will be created as shown:

Dropping the icon onto the “Selected Fragments” box creates a new relationship with many fragments in one operation.

Download Piggydb V4.18 at https://piggydb.net/



One Comment on “Piggydb V4.18 released”

  1. Manuj Chandra says:

    Again, a very useful feature. Thanks! I will be using this a lot.

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