Piggydb V6.0-dev1 – New Fragment Editor

Long time no see. Actually it’s been about a half year since I released the last version. During the long break, I carried on the development little by little (as you know if you follow me on Twitter) and finally released Piggydb V6.0-dev1 today.

In the development of the version 6.x line, I’m going to try to reform the user interface drastically. The first attempt is to replace the fragment editor with a new one:

This new fragment editor is currently available only via the global “Create a new fragment” button in the menu bar. It’s going to replace all the old editors in the coming versions.

The new dialog-style editor can be applied ubiquitously compared to the old embedded-style editor, and makes it easy to edit larger fragments.

I thought before that keeping knowledge fragments small is a good practice in the context of knowledge creation and so the embedded-style editor would be enough for Piggydb. But now I’ve changed my mind. It would be better to wait to split information into small fragments until you need it, otherwise your database will be filled with junk that you end up never using.

Anyway, I am relieved to release the new version (it seemed never-ending) and looking forward to your feedback.


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