Piggydb V6.0-dev2 – On-the-Spot Full-Edit Anywhere

This release makes the new fragment editor, which was introduced in the previous version, available for updating fragments.

Clicking on the edit button opens the new dialog editor instead of the quick editor so that you can edit all of the fragment’s attributes, including tags, on the spot:

The quick editor is still available via double-clicking on the fragment’s content area:


6 Comments on “Piggydb V6.0-dev2 – On-the-Spot Full-Edit Anywhere”

  1. You sure do work fast!! Haha 🙂 Just wondering, I’ve never really noticed any shadows behind the dialogs in Piggydb. Is this a choice you made so that it would be faster? Or are shadows just more complicated in java and other Web type languages?

    • Hi Daniel, thanks! Maybe it was a bit too rushing 😉 The dialogs are realized by a JavaScript library called JQuery UI, which also provides the style or appearance of user interface. It can be customized to some extent, but I don’t know about the shadows.

      • Just wanted to say that I think I understand what you mean (as I am no programmer 😛 ) I do like when a User Interface is attractive. But of course when the under lying functionality is so great. That is what makes the difference between a shiny piece of plastic, and a true diamond. 😀

      • Thanks. I wish it had more beautiful UI. But I think it would be better to allow users to customize the look and feel. I will work on that aspect after finishing the core features.

  2. Zircle says:

    Just found out about this software recently and I like this quite a bit. I used to download random snippets/images from the web and just have folders that got lost in my harddrive and now that I have a central organization system, I’m really digging it. Out of curiousity, how secure is piggydb? I know that you can manually access files, but what about text? thanks 🙂

    • Hi, thank you for your comment.

      >how secure is piggydb?

      It’s difficult to say. Although it has not been reported any security problems so far, Piggydb does not have a large user base. So if you have concerns, you should use it as standalone on your computer.

      >I know that you can manually access files, but what about text?

      You cannot view text fragments manually as they are stored in database files. But there is an export feature (System/Export) that exports text fragments as a text file (xml file).

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