PiggyPoster – A Piggydb fragment posting App for your iPhone

Yesterday, I noticed a post on Piggydb’s facebook page from Tobias Kamber who had just released a iPhone app called “PiggyPoster”. I immediately installed it on my iPod touch and tried it out. It turned out to be a simple and nice app just focusing on one task: to post a fragment to your Piggydb.

PiggyPoster on iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/ch/app/piggyposter-piggydb-fragment/id573951897?mt=8

One thing that may be a bit of hurdle is that you need to have Piggydb installed on an Internet-accessible server so that your iPhone can access to it, but if you can meet this requirement, it is worth trying out.

So if you are interested, try it out and send feedback to Tobias. I am really looking forward to seeing the future development of PiggyPoster.

Tobias’s websites:


One Comment on “PiggyPoster – A Piggydb fragment posting App for your iPhone”

  1. I would definitely give it a try, if it doesn’t happen to require iOS 6.0. (My iPad still runs on iOS 5.0, and I don’t really want to upgrade it.)

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